Bring the Elegance of Nature into Your Home

Transform your living space with the luxurious FraneMX Pampas Bouquet. This exquisite arrangement, featuring 100 pieces of beautifully preserved pampas and dried flowers, is the perfect blend of rustic charm and sophisticated elegance. Ideal for boho home decor or as a thoughtful gift, this bouquet adds a touch of nature's beauty to any setting.

Handcrafted for Unmatched Quality

Each bouquet is meticulously handmade, ensuring that every piece is unique and of the highest quality. With an extra-large size of 60cm, this pampas set includes:

  • Natural and Bleached Gypsophila: Delicate and airy, adding a soft texture.
  • Bunny Tails: Both natural and white, for a playful touch.
  • Ecru Dried Teasle: Adds an interesting texture and natural shade.
  • Norfolk Ivory Pampas Stem: Extra fluffy and luxurious.
  • Textured Brown Pampas Reed: Rich tones for added warmth.
  • Mini White Pampas: For subtle elegance.
  • Ethereal Stipa Grass: Light and wispy, completing the ensemble.

Perfectly Preserved for Lasting Beauty

Our pampas and dried flowers are preserved to maintain their natural beauty and texture. They are carefully packed to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Upon arrival, allow the bouquet to relax in a vase for up to a week to regain its full volume, or place it in the sun for a few hours. For a quicker result, use a blow dryer on a warm setting to fluff up the stems.

Why Choose FraneMX?

  • Artisanal Quality: Every bouquet is handmade with attention to detail and a passion for perfection.

  • Natural Elegance: Adds warmth and movement to any room, making it visually inviting.

  • Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

  • Sustainable Choice: Made from 100% natural materials, each stem is unique, reflecting the beauty of nature.

Product Highlights:

  • 100 Pieces of Fluffy Pampas and Dried Flowers
  • Handmade with Natural and Bleached Elements
  • Luxurious Extra Large 60cm Size
  • Perfect for Home Decor or Gifts

Care Instructions: To maintain the fluffiness and beauty of your pampas bouquet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Allow the bouquet to sit in a vase for up to a week.
  2. Place in the sun for a few hours if needed.
  3. Use a blow dryer on warm, directing airflow from top to bottom.

Elevate your home decor with the FraneMX Pampas Bouquet. Order now and experience the timeless elegance and charm of natural pampas and dried flowers.

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