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About Us

The Dearest Friend Of Your Home

Welcome to FraneMX, the place where home transforms into a haven of comfort, and where the warmth of family and the love for beautiful spaces blend seamlessly. I'm Maya, a young businesswoman who wears her love for home on her sleeve. This blog is a glimpse into my world, where I share my journey of creating a life that revolves around the things I hold closest to my heart: family, comfort, and a home that radiates warmth and love.Join Us on This Journey:I invite you to be a part of this heartwarming adventure, where a young businesswoman is on a mission to make your home the most cherished place in your world. Let's share stories, exchange ideas, and embark on a journey where home truly meets heart. Together, we can create a home that radiates love, comfort, and style.Thank you for visiting our website,With love and warmth,Maya & FraneMX ♥


Nala K. d.o.o., Nikole Tesle 14G, 23000 Zadar Croatia, Europe


Mobile: +385 99 6819324


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